Dyeing Hair with Psoriasis: 9 Things You Need to Know First

Hairs are an asset to an individual which improves the aesthetic appearance and gives a young beautiful look. Scalp psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin condition where there is rapid multiplication of cells resulting in red, dry, scaly skin may prevent you from dyeing hairs. National Psoriasis Foundation says people with psoriasis can use hair dye […]

Cheap Hair Loss Treatment – A Threat to the Hair and You

Why You Should Never Choose a Cheap Hair Loss Treatment Cheap Hair Loss Treatment – Hair loss treatments are the blessing in disguise. Since the problems like hair thinning and baldness are continuously rising, people are drifting towards the best hair transplant centers to get a fuller scalp. Thanks to the hair transplant surgeons who […]

Hair Transplant in Cicatricial Scarring Alopecia

What is Cicatricial Scarring Alopecia? Cicatricial Scarring alopecia is a type of baldness and an inflammatory hair loss disorder in which the hair follicles get destroyed permanently. Fibrous tissues replace the underlying muscles around the hair follicles leading to bald patches on the scalp. Medically it is also called as cicatricial scarring alopecia. The damage […]