Hair Transplant in Cicatricial Scarring Alopecia

What is Cicatricial Scarring Alopecia? Cicatricial Scarring alopecia is a type of baldness and an inflammatory hair loss disorder in which the hair follicles get destroyed permanently. Fibrous tissues replace the underlying muscles around the hair follicles leading to bald patches on the scalp. Medically it is also called as cicatricial scarring alopecia. The damage […]

What is Follicular Unit Extraction and How is it Different from Follicular Unit Transplantation Surgery?

What is Follicular Unit Extraction? How does it Work? Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is an advanced type of hair transplantation procedure where experienced Dermatologists extract hair follicles from the posterior end of the scalp (donor site) and transplant it to bald part (recipient site) through a motorised punch machine. Masumi Inaba of Japan first implemented […]