PRP Face/Vampire facial: Every detail you should know

The skincare treatment is getting advanced day by day. Different types of facials are used to treat the skin of the face. The skin treatment with the help of dermatologists can enhance your beauty and keep your skin healthy as well. Vampire facial is getting popular in the market for repairing the skin and bringing back beauty by using your plasma. The process should be done by a professional dermatologist and well-trained technicians.

What is Vampire Facial?

The name of the facial process sounds serious the technique is also not very easy and simple without in-depth knowledge and years of experience. So, when it comes to this specific facial type you need to know what is PRP treatment or Vampire facial.

In the process of Vampire facial procedure, the plasma of the blood of the patient is used for treating the skin. The primary contents of the blood are blood cells and serum. The platelets are separately collected from the serum of the blood and then infused in to the skin cells of the face. The platelets play a major role in rectifying the skin cells, producing more collagen, improving elastin, and more. So, this property of the blood is applied to the skin topically, by microneedling or injecting into the skin.

What happens in Vampire facial?

In the process of Vampire facial, firstly, the blood is drawn from the vein. Then the blood is passed through the centrifuge for separating the platelet-rich plasma which is later applied to the skin topically. Just before applying the PRP on the skin of the face, microneedling is done on the area for better penetration. Radio frequency can be accompanied by the Vampire facial process. The process should be done very carefully by an experienced dermatologist and at a hygienic clinic.

Recovery after Vampire facial

The patient may take two to three days after going through the Vampire facial. The patient may come out in the street after two to three days. The dermatologist must suggest you to take proper sun protection to avoid sun damage after PRP treatment. Otherwise, the patient may experience red spots on the face. But apart from sunscreen, one should not wear makeup or chemical-based cream and other products on your skin immediately after a Vampire facial.

When should I opt for a Vampire facial? – Answer is here

This is a very common question that comes into the mind of patients who want to rectify their skin cells naturally with the platelets rich plasma of their blood. Before opting for the advanced facial type, you need to know what can be rectified with it.

Check out the following points to know in which cases, Vampire facial works as the best solution:

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Sun damage
  • Premature wrinkles
  • Uneven Skin texture
  • Dull Skin

What Are The Risks Of PRP Face Treatment?

When it comes to the point of risks of PRP face treatment, you should be glad to know that there is no high risk in the process if your health condition and blood flow are good. If you don’t have any bleeding disorders, clotting, or blood disease then you can be suggested for PRP treatment. The risk of the process is very less apart from bruising and discomfort at the time of drawing blood from the vein and micro needling. So, there is no harm in it.

Where To Go For Vampire Facial?

You should always be selective about the dermatologist and the clinic when you want to go under PRP treatment. The dermatologist will check the condition of your skin and the other medical history and then suggest whether the treatment is ideal for you or not. The clinic should be well maintained and equipped for separating the plasma reach platelets from the blood serum. The technical team should have the experience and skill to do the same with the help of advanced technical help. The microneedling process should be done by the expert hand so that the skin can be penetrated well.

DermaClinix has the required upgraded equipments and well trained technical team for providing comfortable and successful PRP treatment to the patients. The best dermatologists with special training are available at our clinic to understand your requirement and serve the treatment safely. We maintain hygiene and protection for reducing the risk of bruising and other infections. The protocol for COVID-19 is also maintained here. So, you can easily book an appointment and enhance your appearance with utmost care and safety.