The Truth Regarding Hair Patch, Hairpiece Wigs

Hair loss and hair thinning are the most common problems that people face due to their lifestyle, food habit, genetic problems, or any disease. Losing hair at a massive scale creates baldness on your scalp. In modern days, there are different types of solutions available for hair loss problems. But among all of these hair loss solutions, the most effective one is hair transplantation. This is a surgical process for those who want to get back healthy hair follicles in place of the damaged ones. But there are many who don’t want to get into the hair transplant or any other surgical process. Hair patching or wearing a hair wig can be a good option for them.

Hair Patch and it’s Truth

There are many types of hair wigs and hair patches available to give an immediate makeover to anyone without any hassle and pain. But is this process ideal for you? If you are looking for a long-term solution to hair loss, then artificial hair patches or hair extensions cannot be the answer to your search. In the process of hair patching, the patch is glued on the scalp where the bald is exposed.  In this process, the scalp is shaved, and the patch is pasted on the scalp with the help of bio-adhesive glue.

The experts recommend the hair patch or hair wigs to the patients with generalized Alopecia Areata, progressive Cicatricial Alopecia. Otherwise, people who want an immediate makeover or specific hairstyle on the bald area can try this. Though the process is hassle-free, fast, and cost-effective but there are some cons of this process.

Cons of Hair Wigs:

  1. It’s not a one time process you’ll need to come to hair stylist every month for maintenance.
  2. The existing recipient hairs in that areas suffers permanent damage over time.
  3. One cannot get the natural feel of a real hairline.
  4. It can come out while swimming and extreme sports.
  5. Most people complain of itching and irritation in occluded area some can develop contact dermatitis in that area.
  6. One tends to live a double life with this. Some know u r bald some not and leads to a lot of psychological distress etc.

Hair Patch v/s Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the process in which your healthy hair follicles are collected from the donor area and then grafted on the recipient area where the hair follicles are damaged. The process has a great success rate in renowned hair clinics. In this process, you not only get the original and natural-looking hair back on the scalp but can also feel confident once again like before.

The hair transplantation process is always better than using hair wigs. Hair wigs were suggested in case of advanced baldness or if the bald area cannot be covered by the donor hair follicles. But in the modern technique, covering the advanced baldness in the hair transplant process is possible.

A hair transplant is a permanent solution to your hair loss. You will get your natural hair to grow on the scalp even if you shave the scalp. But in the case of hair patching, you need to visit the hair stylish and repeat the process to hold your look.

The patient gets back the natural-looking hair similar to their existing hair in the process of hair transplants. But in the case of hair patching or hair wigs, the natural hairy outcome is not possible.

In short you can check out the following points:

  • A natural hair transplant is always superior whenever possible.
  • These are hair patches, essentially hair wigs.
  • Existing hairs are shaved and this patch is stick with bio adhesive glue.
  • We have this available at our clinic.
  • This is recommended for those in whom hair transplant is contraindicated or where baldness is too extensive to get full coverage.

At DermaClinix, you will get the hair wigs or hair patches to get the desired makeover whenever you want. But we always like to suggest the best for you. And according to our expert, if you are clinically allowed to go for a hair transplant, then it is always a better option for you. We have the best quality hair transplant surgeon who has years of experience. You will also get the comfortable infrastructure and all modern facilities to stay comfortable under the procedure. Our trained technical team is also there to meet your expectation.

Now the choice is yours for hair loss solution. You can contact us to get more detail if you are not able to choose one.