Facts About New Hairline After Restoration

Most of the people do not pay much attention to their natural hairline, but the reality is that the hairline frames the face- it adds charm and significant details to the looks! People realize this by the time they face hair loss which causes a change in the natural hairline. It is the time when they begin to search for different options to get their hair restored along with achieving the hairline same like before- which is quite a daunting task. There might be many hair restoration treatments available across the world, but all are not efficient enough to provide you with the desirable hairline.

Restoring the natural hairline is the most essential consideration for hair experts and physicians. It is essential that hair restoration surgery gives a look that’s natural and completely in sync with the facial features, instead of being a special feature.

Hair Line Restoration

The process of replacing the hairline by surgery is a decision, which must be taken with a professional hair expert, keeping all possible aspects in consideration. This is more about the perspective of the expert because he can determine the overall objective of the surgery/technique and can have a better understanding of expected results. Most patients want their natural hairline, but the expert hair surgeon may have a recommendation based on a number of aspects. Such suggestions are often considerate of issues like progressive hair loss, which may need future procedures.

Typicallyhair loss experts don’t recommend or opt for a replacement hairline that’s below the original hairline. The general rule is to go for the rule of thirds” – This means that the face is divided into thirds. The first third is from the bottom of the nose to the end of the chin, the second one is between the eyebrows to the end of the nose, and the last one is between the frontal hairline and eyebrows. Your surgeon will explain all possible options and the final decision on the reconstructed hairline position.

For Hairline Restoration it should be

  • At its right place
  • Natural shape & design

The right place for hairlines it depends on numbers of follicles

  • Age of the patient
  • Extent of baldness
  • Availability of grafts/ donor area condition
  • Ongoing hair loss & future

It should be remembered that once reconstructed so, it will be permanent. So it should be at its right place. The hairline looks Justifiable & may not be after 30’s.

Natural Design:-

Reconstruction of hairline should look natural to dense hairline looks unnatural, proper design, angle of the hair, macro & minimizing are an important factor to reconstruct hairline.

It is wise to note that hair loss patterns vary hugely, and therefore, hair restoration can be considered differently for every patient. A patient should understand the suggestions of hair loss experts and must decide on hair restoration procedure based on these grounds. Typically, your wishes will be considered by the expert, but he will make recommendations based on expertise and experience. If needed, he will even mark the scalp to help in understanding the new hairline.

Typically, It would take a couple of sessions to understand the whole procedure, and your hair expert will answer all concerns and questions, which you may have. The final decision is only taken after both the hair transplant surgeon and patient have agreed to the overall recommendation.