How PCOD Affect Your Skin & Hair and How to Deal with it?

How PCOD Affect Your Skin and Hair and How to Deal with it

Acne in PCOD

One of the Myth is that in PCOD there is always menstrual irregularities but it is not the case. PCOD can be present with normal present cycle.

Acne as a general way common in the adolescent age group & used to subside around 25 yrs of age. In PCOD patient’s acne may we have different. Usually on PCOD patient acne flaring up is noticed usually before menstrual cycle. Acne may be persistent beyond 25 yrs of age & may be resistant to the treatment. More our they may involve chin & mandibular area as with segnale of acne like pigmentation & scarring may be devastating for the patient.

PCOD is known as Polycystic Ovarian Disease. This disease invites many health issues in women, and this is the main reason for which you need to be cautious and take expert advice. Though PCOD comes into the gene hereditarily, but there are some other things that may be responsible for the disease. Poor lifestyle, consumption of an imbalanced diet, not doing exercise can be some of those reasons behind this disease.

Treatment: PCOD control is usually done by lifestyle changes like diet management. Weight reduction, exercise. However specific problem needs specific treatment like treatment of acne, hirsutism.

At DermaClinix under the supervision of our expert doctor, you can get a multimodal approach for PCOD treatment.

Symptoms and effects of PCOD

PCOD patients often face some health and skin issues due to hormonal imbalance. Though most of the PCOD patients suffer from weight gain and have a greater risk of cardiovascular problems and a higher level of insulin. Apart from these, some other health issues appear very common among patients. Go through the following points to know what these issues are.

Massive Hair Loss

Hair fall is a very common symptom of PCOD patients. Sometimes female baldness appears as an effect of PCOD. In this case, taking the advice of the expert hair doctor and opting for suitable hair treatment is a good choice for you.

Acanthosis Nigricans

The patient of PCOD may notice dark and velvety skin in the underarms, neck, and inner thigh areas. These marks are known as Acanthosis Nigricans. This spot appears on the skin of the face of the patient as well. To treat this issue, you need to consult an experienced dermatologist. You can take oral medicines or advanced topical treatments.


Hirsutism is the result of PCOD, and the patients often face excessive hair growth in their different parts of the body. The hair growth on the stomach, chest, face, or thighs is common in Hirsutism. You can opt for the laser hair reduction process to control and get rid of this problem. A skilled dermatologist can guide you on the right track to get the best result from the advanced procedure in this case. Ask Doctor

Ovarian Cyst

You may have cysts in your ovary as a result of PCOD. The patients who face irregular periods should contact the gynecologist as soon as possible. Proper treatment can help women to get pregnant safely with PCOD.


Gaining excessive weight among PCOD patients is very common. So, maintaining a good lifestyle and a healthy diet is very important for patients to avoid further complications. Enough sleep and avoiding junk foods can help you to control the weight effortlessly.

If you are facing some health or skin trouble that is related to the PCOD, then you should fix an appointment with the dermatologist near you. You should check the reputation of the skincare center before fixing an appointment. An experienced dermatologist can help you to understand what can be the best option for you as per your condition and how to take care after the therapy.