Under Eye Correction Without Any ‘OUCH’ Moments

puffiness under eyes
Do people ask you if you had enough sleep last night or you are ill? I guess most of you will be saying yes. It is well said that “your eyes are the gateway to your inner self. So why not make it an attractive. Until recently surgical treatment was the only solution for your rejuvenation. But now, we do have many options to ditch the blades and injections.

Here at DermaClinix, we have an exclusive under eye correction protocol that will help you to achieve a fresh and vibrant look. The regime that we follow comprises of a combination of 3 treatment modalities which relieves you from your age bondage.

First is an RF heat-based treatment that uses gentle heat energy around 40 degrees centigrades delivered directly to the under eye bags, which causes shrinkage of the fat, muscle, and skin. You can walk right out the door immediately, your skin will actually glow after the treatment, like if you had a facial at a salon. A series of 3 treatments are generally needed for optimum results. These are performed at 1-month intervals. After the initial 3 sessions, most patients have an annual treatment to maintain their results. Under eye, bags are not the only facial area that can be improved but, is helpful for upper eyelids and brows, crows feet, wrinkles on the cheeks, and fine lines around the mouth commonly referred to as smokers or lipstick lines.

Next, we come on to our laser treatment. This is also a non-ablative approach to under eye resurfacing. The procedure painlessly targets the different depths of the skin completely bypassing the top layer so that healing, tightening and rejuvenation occurs from bottom up. Since it bypasses the top layer, there is no pain, redness, discomfort or any other side effect. It affects your major concerns like fine lines,

Last but not least, there comes another non-ablative method that is based on the process of micro channelling. It allows topical solutions to penetrate deeper into the tissue. It creates micro-channels and promotes and stimulates collagen production to plump up the skin, while delivering anti ageing infusion serum, containing powerful peptides, skin lighteners and antioxidants.

The multiple advantages that we can get from this procedure are- hydration for a fresh and lightening for a vibrant look.

The treatment protocol involves each of these treatments to be done alternatively at a gap of 2 weeks. the duration is around 20-30 minutes only with each of them and temporary redness being the only discomfort. Apart from them nothing else.

So ditch your camouflage methods and go for these treatments to mesmerise everyone with your eyes.