DERMAFRAC: The True Facial of the Future

dermafrac at dermaclinix Delhi

DermaFrac is an innovative technology of microneedling and deep tissue serum infusion. The upper layer of skin comes in contact with hundreds of needles leading to the formation of microchannels creating the path for infusion of skin serums into the skin along with collagen remodulation leading to skin renewal.

DermaFrac can help in improving fine lines, wrinkles, dehydrated skin, oily skin, pigmentation and dark under eye circles. There are specific serum designed for each condition which contains hyaluronic acid moisturisers, anti-ageing peptides, skin lighteners and anti-acne treatments.

Your skin will be first cleansed to remove make up and excess oil. DermaFrac is a hand held device that sucks your skin creating a vacuum and at the same time, microneedles rotate and penetrate into skin causing collagen induction. Along with spinning needles, there is the infusion of the serum into the skin through needle heads.

This procedure is virtually painless as needles are very fine and suction lifts the skin off the nerve endings and blood vessels. As there is no suction in the normal microneedling, there will be more pain and bleeding compared to DermaFrac.

DermaFrac is far superior treatment than a superficial peel or skin polishing as they do not penetrate deeper and only cater to the most upper layer of skin giving only smoother skin for a very short period of time. As compared to many oxy based facials, DermaFrac delivers the serum deep with its microneedles.

You will have minimal redness after the procedure which usually subsides in an hour. The skin feels plump, smooth and keeps glowing for initial few weeks. To appreciate results in deeper pigmentation and wrinkles. A course of treatment is required at a gap of 2-4 weeks.