How to Take Care of the Skin During Summer

skin care during summer

With the advent of summer, skin calls for extra care and nourishment. The scorching heat and infuriating humidity take a toll on the skin and make it dull. Moreover, the problem of tanning becomes more evident. This is when the need to nurture the skin becomes essential.

Here we have provided some highly beneficial and useful tips to get a glowing skin irrespective of the heat. Check them out!

Hydrate yourself
Summer causes sweating which leads to the loss of water from the body. Not just the skin gets dry due to dehydration but the hair as well. Therefore, it is advised to drink as much water as you can. Apart from drinking water, you should add juicy fruits in your diet. Coconut water also helps to essential minerals. If you keep the skin dry, the chances of development of wrinkles and fine lines also rise.

Moisturize the skin
While drinking plenty of water will keep the skin supple and hydrated from inside, it is essential you moisturize it with a good, well hydrated and preferably a medicated moisturizer. Use the one which is non-greasy and non-comedogenic especially in summers.

Cleanse the skin
Regular cleansing will refresh the skin and make you feel rejuvenated. Moreover, it will remove the sweat and oil deposits on the pores. Exfoliating the skin with the help of mild scrub will make sure that all the dirt and sweat is removed but exploitation should not be done by a person who has dry skin.

Use Sunscreen
Suntan is the major problem in summers. It leads to pigmentation and dull skin. So, get into a habit of using a good quality sunscreen daily with at least SPF 50. Repeat the application after every three hours for maximum protection. For more efficient results, apply Vitamin C along with sunscreen. It will safeguard the skin, ensure its health and prevent the skin from photodamage and early signs of aging.

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Take care of your lips
Apply hydrating lip balm with SPF 50 and protect your lips from sun damage.

Do not forget your feet
Feet develop sweat if you are wearing closed footwear like shoes or boots. Therefore, try wearing sandals most of the time and let the air flow between the toes. Make sure you exfoliate the upper layer of the feet regularly with a gentle scrubber. If you need to wear shoes, apply foot powder before wearing. They absorb the sweat and at the same time neutralize the odor.

Final words
So these are some of the simple and highly useful summer skin care tips. Follow them regularly to remain glowing, radiating and vibrant even in the sweltering summers. And, You consults a dermatologist near you.