Success Story- 5500 Hair Grafts Transplanted; Results after 8 Months!

Highlights of the Story:

Age of the Patient: 28yrs

Grade of Baldness: 7

Procedure Performed By: Dr. Amrendra Kumar

Technique used: Bio-FUE Hair Transplant

Number of grafts implanted: 5500

Results Shown After: 8 Months

Hair fall and Baldness is a stressful reality of present days. A 28yrs old guy, when visited our clinic, was suffering from extreme hair fall and has, in fact, gone bald from the frontal scalp area. He was much worried since the hair loss (baldness) was affecting his personality and concealing it with a cap was not a much profitable deal.

He consulted with Dr. Amrendra Kumar, who discussed the different causes and symptoms of hair loss with the patient and after hair analysis, told him that its baldness of Grade 6, and can be treated by hair transplantation. Our doctor listened to him and cleared all of his doubts regarding the procedure. He felt relieved and decided to get the treatment from our clinic itself.

pre surgery hair transplant

pre OT hair transplant in new-delhi

pre ot hair transplant

Dr. Amrendra performed his Bio-FUE hair transplant surgery, in which 5500 hair grafts were transplanted to his scalp. The hair follicles were taken off from the back of the scalp and the beard area by our experts. The surgery was performed for 2 days using the latest equipment and the patient was discharged in a satisfactory condition. The patient was really happy and satisfied with our services, and the results he is experiencing now!

Hair transplant result_DermaClinix

post surgery hair transplant result

“I just love the results! And the consultation with Dr. Amrendra was superb! I’m delighted with the services and strongly recommend DermaClinix to all who wish to enjoy ‘head full of natural hair’!”

Bhupendra Singh