Side Effects of Hair Transplant – IS THERE ANY?

side effects of hair transplant

Are you facing Hair loss? Are you planning to get a hair transplant? No doubt, the Hair Transplant Surgery is the most effective way to fight against hair loss/baldness. People are eagerly choosing this surgical hair restoration method to get their hair as well as confidence back! And they are getting desirable results as well! But is it safe? Though we consider hair transplantation as a safe procedure, this surgical procedure also involves some complications, some side effects.

The side effects of the hair transplant may vary from person to person. It is possible for one to experience some weird trouble with the grafting, while it is also possible that one enjoys good looks without any risk! Here are some of the side effects a patient may encounter with:

  • Thinning of Hair

You might be thinking that your hair will begin to grow just after getting a hair transplant, but it is not so. Many of the patients face hair fall after the surgery. This is known as shedding and is a normal process after a hair transplant. This happens because the roots get intact and the hair shafts fall down, making space for the new hair to come out. This hair fall is common for 2-3 weeks, but if it continues for a longer period, that means you have undergone the surgery from an inexperienced doctor! We, at DermaClinix, have experienced hair transplant doctors and provide a comprehensive pre-procedure counselling to our patients.

  • Numbness

Numbness is one of the common side effects of hair transplantation. It may continue for some weeks after transplant. But, in case it pertains beyond, consulting with a doctor is required.

  • Itching

Itching is often experienced by hair transplant patients. It happens due to formation of scabs, right after the grafting procedure. The itching can be overcome by using a special type of moisturizing oil and shampoo. But, it demands a visit to doctor, in case the problem goes beyond tolerance.

  • Cysts

Cysts develop when there are buried grafts that are not taken out properly. They usually appear like a group of pimples; they hardly take an aggravated form. These cysts are harmless and go away in a few weeks on its own. But, if it doesn’t, you should visit your hair transplant surgeon.

  • Scarring

A patient who has undergone a FUT hair transplant is more vulnerable to this risk. The FUT technique leaves a linear scar, which demand proper hair growth and restrict the hairstyles you can opt. Whereas, when you talk about the FUE hair transplant, this side effect is less experienced since tiny micro scars are made in this hair transplant technique. These tiny scars disappear in a few weeks and the marks get hidden by the newly grown hair. We, at DermaClinix, extract grafts individually to ensure no formation of linear, noticeable scars.

  • Pain

If you opt for FUT method, it is obvious to experience some amount of pain. While in the case of FUE, it is nearly negligible. Our hair experts administer anaesthesia, which reduces the pain to a large extent. But, there is a rare chance that pain is experienced even after the hair transplant. To deal with that situation, we prescribe some painkillers to our patients.

  • Bleeding

No matter you are getting a FUT or FUE hair transplant, a few cuts and nicks will be there, and so will be some blood loss. Though the most experienced hair transplant surgeons ensure that the blood loss will be minimal, there is still possible to find some ooze in the post-op period. This can be controlled by pressing a gauze piece.

We, at DermaClinix, consider the medical history of the patient as an important factor in dealing with this hair transplant side effect.

  • Swelling

This is yet another side effect seen in a majority of hair transplant cases. However, the site and extent of swelling may differ. Some people have swelling on their forehead, while other face around their eyes. The swelling is a temporary side effect and will subside within a few days. But if not, we advise you to visit the concerned doctor.

  • Infection

Choosing the right doctor does not mean you will face no hair transplant side effect. There is a rare chance that you might have to deal with some infections. This is why we recommend a few antibiotics to our patients before and after the hair transplant procedure.

  • Hiccups

This is one of the rare side effects of hair transplant surgery. Only 5% of the hair transplant patients suffer from this problem, and it can last for more than a few days. Seek your surgeon’s advice immediately if you face this problem.

To avoid such hair transplant side effects, we recommend all to consult with reputable, certified and trustable hair transplant surgeons.