Why Should You Opt for the Hair Transplantation Over Hair Loss Medication

When it comes to the point of hair loss problems, we find numerous solutions but few of these work perfectly. There are many medicines that can help you to get better hair growth and prevent hair loss problems. But the hair transplantation can give you a permanent solution without side effects.

Effects of the medicines in the prevention of hair loss problem

The hair loss problem is common among men and women. But if it becomes regular and on a massive scale then you should be concerned about it and take the proper step. The health problems and genetic problems are common reasons behind uncontrollable hair loss. The temporary and non-genetic hair fall problems can be treated by taking proper medication.

Finasteride or Propecia

This particular medicine works when you are suffering from regular hair loss problem by controlling the hormonal secretion in your scalp. It can reduce the level of the hormonal secretion that interrupts in growing hair. But you should keep in mind that the medicine is needed to be taken on a regular basis at least 3 to 6 months to get a good result. But discontinuation of the medicine can give you a reverse result.

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This medicine improves the blood circulation around the hair follicles and as a result, the roots of the hair get better nutrients and oxygen. These nutrients can resist the hair fall and stimulate natural hair growth at the same time.

Benefits of Hair Restoration Treatment

The medications cannot give you a satisfactory result when your hair loss problem is permanent and genetic. If the hair follicles are inactive then the regrowth of the hair is not possible. In that case, Hair transplantation is the best option. The main two procedures of hair transplantation are FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).


In this case, the skin from the permanent donor area is removed. Then, the hair grafts are separated from it and transplanted on the scalp where hair is not growing anymore.


On the other hand, this hair restoration surgery involves the extraction of hair follicles from the permanent donor area of the scalp and transplantation to the area of the scalp where hair fall is occurring.

The hair transplantation process gives a good result in the case of covering the baldness without any side effects.