A Few Things to Know About Female Pattern Hair Loss

Is your part widening? Is your ponytail becoming thinner these days? Are you finding a lot of hair in your comb? If yes, then pay attention to your hair! Earlier, women used to find hair loss in midlife, but nowadays, they are suffering from excessive hair fall even in the late 20s. They are approaching the best hair clinics to get a solution to their hair loss- to get an escape from the nightmare of getting bald. There are several reasons behind the hair loss, but the most significant is Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL).

Female Pattern Hair Loss treatment in delhi

What is Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) is one of the major causes of hair loss in women. Millions of women suffer from excessive hair fall only due to this condition.  Usually, Female pattern hair loss starts in the midlife, i.e, in her 40s, 50s or 60s. But, it can begin even before this age. Women, nowadays, face hair loss at the end of their 20s.

What causes Female pattern hair loss?

FHPL is hereditary. That means you inherit this hair condition in genes from your mother, father, or both. If anyone from your family is suffering from hair loss, you are more prone to suffer. Moreover, you can come across female pattern hair loss after menopause since hormones play a significant role in this.

What is the impact of FHPL?

Female pattern hair loss is a continuous condition. In other words, the hair loss will continue, once started. However, the hair loss in case of women is different from that of men. Alike men, they do not lose all of their hair. Instead, their part gets wider and hair near the temples might decrease. And the worst part is that in the absence of proper knowledge, FPHL can result from a widening part to overall thinning.

So, it is required to get it treated once you come across this condition. Proper treatment can prevent hair loss from getting worse and can even initiate hair regrowth.

How to find if you are encountered with Female Pattern Hair Loss?

The best way is to keep an eye on your hair fall. If the hair fall increases all of a sudden, make an appointment with the best dermatologists.  A Dermatologist, being an expert in dealing with hair conditions, can let you know if it’s due to FPHL or some other reason. Not just this, he will also make you aware of different precautions and preventive measure you can go for.

How to deal with Female Pattern Hair Loss?

To get optimal results, the best hair experts would recommend one or more hair restoration treatments to you as per your hair condition. These treatments include medications (Minoxidil and Propecia), non-surgical method (PRP treatment) and surgery (Hair Transplant). Medications give effective results, but if taken for a long period of time. PRP treatment is also beneficial to increase hair volume. Hair transplant is the ultimate female pattern hair loss treatment in Delhi or other areas across the world to get rid of excessive hair fall and is usually the last option recommended to women.

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