Reclaiming Your Lost Charm

Who does not want to look attractive? When we talk of beauty, hair becomes one of the most essential elements that help us in enhancing our appearance. Any hair loss is taken seriously and people look for immediate solution to prevent the damage and ways to regain their lost hair. While wearing a wig could also be a way of enhancing our appearance temporarily however when it comes to durable solution then the modern day medical science offers it in terms hair transplant.

So what exactly is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a process in which the lost hair is restored through a surgical procedure. The origin of this procedure could be traced back to 1930s when it was first being performed in Japan by the Japanese doctors. Since then the process of restoring hair through transplantation has both evolved in terms of technology and also in terms of dexterity in the art of the procedure. This process is more or less similar to the practice which followed in paddy farming in which first seeds are sown and taken out with roots when they grow a little. These small paddy plants are again replanted in new field where they become full grown paddy plants. In hair transplantation surgery healthy hair roots are taken out from high density zone of the scalp or any other suitable part of the body which are then implanted in the area which has lost hair. During next half to one year the newly implanted hair grows big and becomes natural part of scalp.

Is Hair Transplant dependable?

The technology has matured over 80 years and is effectively established to yield satisfactory results when it is done professionally by right experts. Now you have numerous live examples of people who have successfully gone through the transplantation process have been enjoying the rich hair for years. Our team of surgeons has been part of more than 1000 of transplantations with amazing results and happy faces. Each day is adding more numbers to this list of people delighted with the wonderful hair transplantation experience. Such verifiable live examples bring immense confidence about the hair transplantation procedure.

How to select the right Surgeon?

You are taking a critical decision so it should be done with proper care. You should take all precautions and do your research and fact checking before going for the transplantation surgery. Picking the right surgeon is one of the most critical decision for which you could do on basis several parameters

Hear from the horse’s mouth – In the current era of advertisements which are often misleading if you find known people, who have either themselves gone through the procedure or know somebody close to them who has gone through the procedure, then they could be your best source of information about picking a surgeon. We can also offer help if you wish to talk to our previous patients who have gone through the process as it would be best source of getting confidence about the quality of the surgeon and witnessing live demonstration of the results. We can arrange one to one meeting with them so that you can ask all questions and clear your doubts.

Qualification and experience of the hair transplant surgeon – So when you are lured by big advertisement of a big brand then you should make it a point to check who would be the doctor performing the surgery. There are many big brands which have opened their franchises where the quality of service is many times may not be upto the mark. You should make it point to check how qualified your doctor is. If your doctor happens to be from some of the most reputed institutions like AIIMS then it gives your immense confidence about their knowledge, skill and experience. We have a definite edge in hair transplantation surgery in Delhi NCR region with team of leading and well qualified surgeons who have been the part of more than 1000 hair transplantation surgery. When you go for a doctor with experience of the more than 1000 transplantation surgery you would know you are in the safe hands.

Cost of the procedure – The fee that you have to pay for the hair transplant is one of the most critical factors in your decision making process. The situation gets confusing when you see wide variation in cost of the transplantation being offered by different surgeons in different part of the country. At DermaClinix, we offer hair transplantation service of best global standard at most cost effective rate. Our fees are highly affordable because we have no baggage of intermediary cost which we pass on as benefits to our patients so you get vest value for your money. On accountability front, we strive to deliver what we promise and we take it to the extent that each harvested hair is electronically identified and counted so that there is no possibility of any human error.

We are driven by our primary objective of providing the best solutions to hair loss or baldness which could be transplantation or medication treatment. If you have any query or need discussion you can speak to our expert counselors as they will elaborate each issue and solutions in details.