The hair loss was not a big deal for Dr. Mayank Mishra, until he found a blad spot on the top of his head. The more he came to know about baldness and his condition, the more he became restless. This was upsetting news for him! He decided not to suffer anymore and get the right treatment from the best hair expert. He asked his fellows and went to the nearest hair clinic. He was diagnosed with the baldness of grade 6.

best hair transplant

As it is the last stage of baldness, he was left with not many options. Thus, he got a hair transplant using Strip with FUE method. Exactly 5,000 hair follicles were transplanted on his head, but no use. The outcome was not as fruitful as expected, even after a long time wait. Moreover, the scar was adding to his misery.

first hair transplant surgery

Dr. Mayank was quite depressed and began to look for what can be done further. He had gone to various clinics & doctors by the time he came to DermaClinix in May, 2016. Dr. Amrendra Kumar, our senior hair transplant surgeon, took a keen interest in his case and consoled him to give the best result. The doctor further analyzed his hair and skin condition thoroughly and advised him to get a B.E.S.T. FUE hair transplant from DermaClinix in the coming days.

hair restoration surgery

The patient (Dr Mayank) was quite nervous before, but with consultation & a quick look at the previous work of Dr. Amrendra Kumar, he agreed. Our hair transplant surgeon studied his condition in detail and ultimately, performed his hair transplant in May, 2016. After the perfect equilibrium of every condition, the hair restoration surgery went safely & successfully. This time, only 3,500 hair follicles were transplanted keeping the condition of both the recipient and donor area into the consideration. The staff of the DermaClinix put all their efforts in giving the best services to Dr. Mayank so that he goes with a good & sweet experience.

Now, after the 6 months of surgery, Dr. Mayank Mishra is having good growth. Not just the bald region, but the donor site is also looking great even after secound time extraction. He has faced no serious, long lasting side effect until now. Dr. Mayank admits that his experience with DermaClinix was great!

six month hair transplant results

He is thankful to the whole staff of DermaClinix for giving him a life changing experience, even in a critical situation when even he was left with no more hope. He is now happy with his hair transplant results.

“I never felt the things will go so wrong after the first surgery, But, I’m happy that the second hair transplant surgery provided me with what I was looking for”.

                                                                                                                                                      -Dr. Mayank Mishra