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Diode Laser with SHR (SOPRANO)

The laser diode treatment is also well known with the name laser diode and is the main powerhouse behind Soprano laser diode hair removing system.This is the best, safe and effective method on all skin types with a great reduction in risk of side effects. The leading laser diode hair removal system- Soprano is the new standard for 810nm laser diode evolutional technology. This treatment features a dual cooling mechanism to provide the patients with most pain free and effective laser hair removal treatment. These treatments are very fast and have large spot size. This technology boasts about the fastest and highest throughput in the market of 120 J/cm2. Soprano is used as a continuous wave by laser diode. The continuous wave technology had made Soprano a much predictable and safer method of laser hair removal. It heats the hair follicle to high temperature that is sufficient to destroy it without damaging the surrounding area. The damaged hair follicle is turned useless and is eliminated through the physiological process called phagocytosis. This is the newest technology in diode laser hair removal technologies.

Laser Hair Removal (SOPRANO)

This Soprano technology of hair removal has got different features to impress the clients for their hair removal. This is suited for both men and women. It is the fastest hair removal method that takes only 3 hours, for removal of hairs. With the new ‘In-motion’ technique and SHR mode the pain during the removal is reduced significantly. This provides consistency in every treatment done. This treatment is applicable to hairs of all types. It is completely based on 7 different CO2 Laser treatment plans for every skin type and is very easy to operate. The patients feel really very comfortable during Soprano laser diode hair removal method. This can be easily done at home and also no dermatologist is needed for the process. A good technician who can operate the soprano machine can perform this hair removal easily.

If there are benefits for some treatment then there must be some side effects too. Some common side effects to this treatment are discomfort, damage caused to natural skin, blister formation or crust, excessive swelling, scarring, and bruising of that area. It can also cause edema (swelling) and Erythema (redness) that may last for several weeks. Eye damage can also be caused if your eye is kept under high exposure to laser light. Irritation, pain, mild burning sensation, and itching can be some more side effects of Soprano treatment.

After the Soprano treatment you must feel relaxed and take rest for at least a day or two. You must avoid aerobic exercises, hot baths, Jacuzzis, saunas etc. apply the anti-biotic on blisters or on broken skin. Cold ice packs can be applied on swollen area, if any. The exposure to sun must be avoided for at least three weeks. You must schedule the treatment sessions for one month to get better results. You can ask for your queries to the place from where you have got treatment if something goes wrong or something is amiss. So if you want immediate Laser Hair Reduction without too much of discomfort, then you must go for Soprano hair removal treatment(CO2 Laser treatment).

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