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Best Body Hair Transplant Therapies in Market

The hair transplantation therapies have gained a lot of hype in recent years. These therapies have helped people overcome their existing trauma due to baldness of a particular area. Most of the people out there have only heard, and used hair transplantation techniques for bald scalp, but very few are aware of other transplantation techniques used for different body parts like face, chest, etc. There are guys who definitely prefer the Latin style of showing chest hairs to give that extra manly look to their body, but are disappointed as these hairs are purely genetic based and depend on hereditary genes.

After the advancements in technology, finally a solution is available for such guys in the form of body hair transplantations. With the improvement in Science, it is now possible to enjoy those beautiful hairs in all those parts where you always wanted them, and that too without any kind of scars and marks. Hairs are taken from the body parts where they are available in abundant, and then they are transported to the area affected with baldness problem. Two techniques have been adopted for hair transplantation, namely FUM, or Follicular Unit micro grafting, and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The FUM technique involves transplantation of a strip of 3 to 4 inch width to the bald area, and often leads to unwanted scars. On the other hand, the FUE technique is more sophisticated and involves transportation of individual follicles to the affected area leaving no undesired marks, giving a much better natural look. There are a few other techniques involved in hair restoration procedure like flap surgery, forehead reduction or hairline advancement, scalp reduction, hair transplant scar repair, etc.

Body Hair Transplant

A surgeon clearly needs to understand that there are a few differences between body hair, and scalp hairs across their orientation, skin tissues, and depth of follicle in the skin, and thickness, as well as curl. So body hair transplantation procedures need to be done with extra bit of care as these hairs are small, and even a slight scar can ruin the appeal of the skin. No one would ever want to have these unwanted scars on his skin, as they not only look ugly, but also disturb the natural appearances of hairs.

For successful body hair transplantation, the experts need to carefully extract the follicular unit, and address issues like differentiating the body and scalp hair cycles, and check compatibility of scalp and body hair. A hair grows in three phases, namely, Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Anagen involves growth of hair, Catagen involves the stage when it is completely grown and steady, while Telogen marks the fall of the hairs. Every phase has its own time period, and varies as per the location of hair on the body. To check the compatibility of hair, the professional would check the color, texture, and curl of the hair that is if the hair is straight, or involves a slight curve. After analyzing all these aspects, he proceeds on with the transplantation process. The experienced professionals at DermaClinix understand the criticality of every issue, and address them carefully with complete devotion.

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