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DermaClinix is the ultimate choice for you to get a safe and cost-effective hair transplant in Delhi. We are known for our outstanding medical procedures, advanced transplantation techniques, heart-touching services and assuring guidance as well.

DermaClinix- The Complete Skin and Hair Solution Center

‘Hair Transplant Presentation & Lecture in "World Congress of Dermatology 2010, CUTICON 2010, DERMACON 2012, ISHRS 2013, AAHRS/HAIRCON 2013, Pigmentricon 2013, Cuticon 2014, ISHRS 2014, Haircon 2014.’

Dr. Kavish Chouhan, Dr. Amrendra Kumar, Dr. Jyoti Gupta


DermaClinix, one of the top-searched skin and hair treatment clinics in Delhi, is run by the two best dermatologists of Delhi- Dr. Kavish Chouhan (MD-AIIMS, MISHRS-USA) and Dr. Amrendra Kumar (MD-AIIMS).

We have the best hair transplant surgeons in Delhi, who deal with all the skin and hair types, and give their best each time! We believe that each individual is unique and so his body; and thus, we strive to put all our efforts in giving the best possible treatment.

Let’s have a glance of the things you would love about DermaClinix- a place where you will experience the best hair transplant in Delhi!

Certified & Experienced Dermatologists

Our doctors are professionally trained from renowned institutes of India, namely- AIIMS (Delhi), PGI (Chandigarh) and Safdarjung Hospital (Delhi). They are proficient, caring and are contributing to the health care industry for last many years. They are pioneers of Biostimulated FUE and PRP-A Cell therapy, which are the most updated and widely practiced hair transplantation procedures with nearly 100% hair grafts survival and satisfying results.

Our co-founders cum directors, who are also among the best dermatologists in Delhi, are known for performing ‘Megasessions and Gigasessions of hair transplantation’ successfully! We have operated a number of patients including that of celebrities, politicians and foreigners. To know more about our doctors, feel free to visit the doctor’s profile.

‘State of the art’ Techniques

We work with the motive to give better results to our patients! We always look for the effective and painless methods to give, what is called as, the best hair transplantation in Delhi.

We believe that the improving medical techniques can help us give the best! And that’s why we always remain updated with the latest news related to dermatology. We are well-versed with the latest techniques and equipment and use the same. We operate using Super hair removal (SHR, Soprano Lasers), latest fluorescent technology (AFT, Harmony Lasers), fractional ablative (Pixel) and non-ablative (Clearlift) technology and put all our knowledge & experience in giving the utmost outcomes.

We always look for your comfort and thus, give our best guidance to you! If you want a hair transplant from us, we would recommend the BEST FUE method.

Professional Consultation

Our consultants are professional and experienced. They are concerned and understand that it is not easy to take a decision easily when it is about your hairs or health. We try our best to provide worthwhile advice to all!

We are here to assist you with significant factors like there are no side effects of hair transplantation, provided you get the treatment from the experienced hair transplant clinic like ours. We do not compel others to choose us, but love to get a chance to make you feel heavenly! If you have a tight schedule and cannot visit us personally for a consultation, just let us know. We are ready to call you anytime!

Dedicated Staff

Not just the surgeons and consultants, we have the finest staff! They are experienced, supportive, caring and sincere.

We are known for treating everyone well, and gives the ‘homely atmosphere’ so that the patients can enjoy a comfortable and safe hair transplant in Delhi.

Offbeat Services

We take pride in making the people relish their lives! We serve them with the optimal solution to regain their hairs and confidence, of course. We are dealing with the advanced techniques used for hair restoration in Delhi. We have operated even the complicated cases with great enthusiasm.

We are not just the best hair transplant surgeons in Delhi, but devoted skin specialists as well. We are also known for our Anti-ageing treatments, and for dealing with many other hair & skin associated problems. We are expert at Acne Scar Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Body Sculpting, Botox, Vitiligo, Chemical Peeling, etc. We offer optimal and cost-effective treatments to all regardless of the age and gender.

We believe in putting our best efforts in enhancing your beauty- your skin and hairs! We also give the best guidance and treatment against nail diseases. We are committed to contribute to the welfare of people and thus, offer various alluring discount offers as well.

Easy To Reach Us!

We go all-out to make it possible for more and more people to reach us and get the best hair transplant in Delhi. We understand that it if difficult to serve more and more people when your clinic is limited to a particular location. Thus, we have different branches in the different parts of Delhi and in fact, of India.

We are happy to say that DermaClinix is one of the largest hair transplant clinics in Asia, with the head branch in Defence Colony (South Delhi). Our other branches are in Green Park, Indirapuram, Janakpuri and other places across India.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi- ‘We Grow Hair, We Grow Confidence’

We understand that hair loss not just affect us physically, but mentally as well. People lose not just their personality, but also their confidence. They hate to be a part of social activities and remain stressed most of the time. They struggle with the humiliation and lower self-esteem.

We, at DermaClinix- the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi, strives to bring your confidence and appearance back! We are ready to put all our efforts in improving your life. We believe that our duty towards the patients is not till the treatment only- we care for you even after the treatment. You can contact us anytime for an advice or suggestion.

Within a few years, we have gained fame as a decent place for the best hair transplantation in Delhi. We offer several benefits in the terms of quality of service. Even our hair transplant surgeons are well-known for serving various patients with free consultation and treatment as they were not able to afford it. We are always ahead to handle each case precisely and give the ‘world class’ services.

If you are stressed by the excessive hair fall, it’s high time to get up and fix an appointment with us- one of the best clinics for hair transplant in Delhi.

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