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Anti Ageing

Anti ageing (filler treatment)

Nowadays the life has become so stressful and competitive that people lose their natural glow at an early stage only. Even a child is pressurized under such great tension of exams and future that they tend to lose their charm during the early phase of their schooling. So people undergo various surgeries or treatments to keep their glowing skin alive for a long period. This is the reason why anti ageing treatments top the lists of skin treatments. We provide our customers with a range of anti-ageing treatments. Among the various anti ageing techniques, filler treatment is a form of miracle injections which helps flatten the wrinkles and the folds of your skin. You see tiny crow’s feet appearing near your eyes. Your lips seem to shrink, becoming thinner, ill-defined. A pair of vertical lines begins to appear between your brows. These are the signs of ageing and act as an alarm to take a step now to keep your beauty alive.

Anti ageing (filler treatment)

Filler treatment includes injectables which help in increasing the volume in or below the skin. Among these injectables more popular options are temporary hyaluronic acid fillers with such brand names as Restylane and Juvéderm and calcium hydroxylapatite below the brand name of Radiesse. They have really taken over from bovine collagen injections, which were popular in the ’80s and ’90s.

Hyaluronic acid acts as a skin-plumping molecule which is found naturally in our skin. But it diminishes as our age progresses; dermal filler injectables use synthetic hyaluronic acid that is grown in the lab using artificial bacterial cultures. Also the injectables include volumizing treatments such as Sculptra, which is made of a larger-molecule polymer synthetic and produces a long-lasting effect on the skin and thus is more expensive.

Types of filler treatments we offer to our customers:-

  • Among different filler treatments comes the cheek augmentation which helps in achieving painless treatment for hollowness in cheeks and formations of troughs below eyes. With the juvederm injectants one may have a long lasting of up to 2 years and more efficient treatment for cheek augmentation.
  • Fillers can also be used in the removal of smile lines that appear from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth. These lines may make you feel unhappy or old and tired. Thanks to the filler treatment one can say good bye to them and get a youthful and wrinkle free volume on your face.
  • As we age there are appearances of fine lines around our mouth which tends to form creases with the growing age. With the help of fillers we can get rid of them and increase the production of our own natural collagen.

Are you not happy with your skin ageing? Don’t worry; we will make you look younger.


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