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The Effective Wrinkle Treatment Therapy

Whatever is the reason of those unwanted folds of your face, growing age, weight loss, or anything else, but everyone simply hates them. Wrinkles are nothing more than the signs of loss of beauty with age. Every woman suffers from the problem of wrinkles on her face, and tries her best to hide them under makeup. A few accomplish the task successfully, while there are other cases where she gets helpless on account of the damage already done. It sometimes becomes very hard for a woman to regain the lost charm of beauty when her face does not suit her attitude and shows lines of misfortune proving the dulling age.

It created a lot of hype in the cosmetic surgery, and pertain to be one of the most debated chemical compounds ever. With so many negative impacts involved, they were banned from most of the countries leaving the women helpless. But with the evolution of science, scientists have come up with another revolutionary practice to get rid of wrinkles from face, which is referred to as Thermage. The non-surgical treatment has gained quite a lot of popularity in the recent days and has come up as a boon for women when everything seemed to be out of control for them.


The technique was spread all over the world when it was talked about by Oprah Winfrey, one of the most renowned celebrities all over the world, in her talk show. The technique aims at curing the sagging skin without any kind of surgical procedures involved. It is based on a simple concept that restoring and stimulating new collagen growth would help make skin more younger naturally. Collagen is a compound secreted by epidermis to keep the skin tight, and with the increasing age, this ability of the outermost shell of the skin goes down resulting in sagging skin. Other factors which are responsible for wrinkles include excess sun exposure, smoking, and genetics. In the Thermage technique, the physician first marks the patient’s skin with some grid lines to aid him as a guide. He then uses a Thermage wand to apply radiofrequency on the designated lines to make the collagen fibers contract. This helps tighten the epidermis, and finally makes it look much smoother than ever before. The technique can be used on face, including lips and eyes, and also on neck, abdomen, hands, knees, as well as buttocks.

The natural therapy employed by DermaClinix has helped many women change their lives, and gain back that lost charm into their personality. The best part of using Thermage is that there is no side effect involved in the entire procedure, and it produces results which last for years, making it much more economical, safe, and durable as compared to any other beauty treatment. The entire process is completely painless, and results are visible from the first session itself. No cuts, no injuries, no scars, no specific ointments or pills, what else would a woman want. Come get Thermage today, and bid farewell to the wrinkles.

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