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Laser for Acne Scarring Treatment (Post Acne, Burn)

Laser Resurfacing by Pixel

Pixel Perfect™ is one of the revolutionary skin treatments from DermaClinix that offers you the chance to look younger, healthier and let your inner radiance free.

The laser treatment can clear years of sun damage such as age spots, fine lines, wrinkles & SCARS.

Pixel Perfect can also shrink the appearance of pores and smooth out acne scars, giving you the soft and flawless skin of years gone by. In other words, Pixel Perfect™ can help transform blotchy, spotted and pockmarked skin into the radiant glow of one’s youth.

Acne marks treatment (Post Acne, Burn)

At our center we routinely perform fillers. Our clients till now have reported a very high satisfaction level. We prefer to use these therapies only when actually needed. We believe in giving genuine advice and let the client choose what he wants.

Acne Marks Treatment FAQ’s

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Choosing laser skin treatments such as laser resurfacing is an important decision. Learn more about Pixel Perfect™ skin resurfacing and what happens with Pixel Perfect™ laser skin treatments here:

Am I a good Pixel Perfect™ candidate?

If your skin looks older than you want it to, you’re a candidate for Pixel Perfect™ laser treatments. The best candidates have moderate sun damage, are in good health and take care of their skin.

I have scarring on my face because of acne & chicken pox, can PIXEL treatment help me?

Yes, It is amongst the gold standard treatment for POST ACNE & POST CHICKEN POX scarring.It works on principal of percutaneous collagen induction leading to permanent improvement in scars.

Treatment might require 3-4 sittings and might be combined with other procedures like DERMAROLLER, SUBCISON etc. which would be informed to you after initial consultation with our doctor.

Does Pixel Perfect work on my skin type?

Pixel Perfect™ is fractional laser resurfacing that can be performed on most skin types.

Can I get my skin rejuvenated without any damage to skin?

Yes, now we can do fractional laser resurfacing in a non-ablative manner.

The revolutionary Pixel Q-Switch delivers a controlled, pixilated wound at the proper depth without harming the overlying epidermis. What does this mean for the aesthetic patient? Easy answer – the benefits of skin remodeling occur under the protection of a complete epidermis. In other words, the Pixel Q-Switch allows for fractional laser resurfacing in a non-ablative manner.

How long will it take?

Treatment time depends on many factors, but can take less than 30 minutes. If your condition is advanced, your treatment may take longer.

Is it safe?

Pixel Perfect™ resurfacing treatments have been performed all over the world and continue to be a safe and effective way of rejuvenating your skin. Some skin conditions can interfere with any treatment of this nature, so consult your provider to be sure.

Will it hurt?

Pain tolerance varies from person to person. Erbium Pixel Perfect™ treatments may feel like a sunburn while CO2 and Radio Frequency treatments may seem more intense. Either way, follow all post treatment instructions and know that pain symptoms are normal and fleeting.

What if I need a touch-up later?

While Pixel Perfect™ laser resurfacing and other laser treatments from Alma Lasers can give you great looking skin, nothing stops the hands of time! Depending on your starting point, you may need a touch-up treatment 6-12 months later. Your lifestyle is also a mitigating factor and, for best results, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and take good care of your skin.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Pixel Perfect™ and any laser treatment varies depending on your skin condition and the extent of the treatment.

For details feel free to call us on +918882227080 or fill the enquiry form at our website (www.dermaclinix.in).

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