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Harmony XL with SHR

Pain Free Laser Hair Removal Treatment- Harmony XL with SHR

The Laser hair Removal Treatment is removing the unwanted hairs from different body parts by exposing them to high intensity pulses of laser light that will completely destroy the hair follicles. These techniques had been in practice from last two decades and are preferred by most of the dermatologists in the early stages. These techniques are been practiced throughout the world in different clinics and houses using specially designed devices that removes the hair of different body parts. The benefits of this laser hair removal treatment had been published in different articles. You can gather more information, by reading about them.

Harmony XL with SHR

The main principle of working of laser therapy is selective photo-thermolysis. This principle is based on matching a specific wavelength of light that will be emitted by the laser with certain pulse duration to get the most optimum effect at selected location (targeted tissue) minimizing the effects on surrounding tissues. Lasers must be used carefully to avoid damage to specific areas near the treated area. They have harmful effect on the dark material known as Melanin found in the hairs. Light is absorbed readily by dark objects. So, Melanin may absorb the light and causes damage to hair and even to complete bunch of hairs.

Normal Laser Hair Removal treatments cause some pain during hair removal. A next generation pain free laser treatment for hair removal had been derived known as Harmony XL- SHR System. This is permanent hair removal and reduction method that can be used in both men and women and skin of all types. By this treatment you can just get rid of daily shaving, frequent waxing, and painful plucking of hairs. This treatment will remove all unwanted hairs.

Laser hair removal must be done very carefully as it is dangerous for skin and other body parts. The procedure uses the laser light that passes through the skin and melanin in the hairs absorbs it. This light is specially designed to avoid damage to the surrounding skin and affect the targeted hairs. The Harmony XL SHR is a diode laser that emits broad spectrum of light that passes harm free from epidermis and dermis layer of skins and target only the hair follicle area. This treatment is very easy, convenient, safe, and pain free. This treatment through Harmony XL SHR removes the risk of energy spikes burning skin and also reduces the undesirable effects. The absorption of laser energy completely disables the hair growth and the future growth of hairs is prevented.

Many people will have the question in mind that after the expensive laser hair treatment, do the hairs grow again. The hairs are completely destroyed during the treatment. But these hairs might be dormant during the previous hair removal sessions and can re-enter the growth phases. This is why sometimes; various multiple treatments are needed to remove the hairs effectively so that the hair may not growth again. Generally 4-6 treatments are enough for permanent hair removal. This treatment can be carried out in all parts of body. So if you want permanent removal of your unwanted hairs, then you must go for this laser hair removal treatment.

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