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FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Good bye to Baldness with FUE

FUE or follicular unit extraction is a magical technique that will help you get relieved of baldness. Hairs are thought to define an identity of a person. They act as an element of beauty to you. As people use artificial make up and accessories, hairs are the natural make up god has gifted to all. At old age it’s natural to lose hair cover but at young age it can be due to a serious medical problem.

In late 90’s a technique was developed to re-grow the lost hair count using the patient’s own follicular unit. This technique was known as follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular transfer (FT).

FUE Hair Transplant

How it works:-

In this technique, the patient’s non bald areas are treated as resistant donor areas and the follicular units are extracted from this area one at a time. These extracted follicular unit grafts (hair groupings of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs as they occur naturally in the scalp) are harvested one by one using a small punch usually ranging from 0.7 to 1 millimeter in size. Usually before starting the follicular unit extraction from the donor area, the hairs are trimmed off so that the physician is able to see the patients scalp while operating. Since the direction and the angle at which the follicular unit is present beneath the skin cannot be seen and can often differ from the direction in which the hair grows on the surface, a sharp punch is used below the surface of the skin that might transect or sever the underlying follicular unit making it easy to extract. 

However, the dull punch tends to envelope the follicular unit, while separating it from the surrounding soft tissues. This process is typically referred to as blunt dissection.  Once the follicular unit is separated from its surrounding tissues it can be then extracted using the forceps by gripping the hairs above the surface. The small hole that is left behind in the donor region after the extraction of the follicular unit heals on its own during a time period of few days. Each follicle unit that is being extracted is examined very extensively using a stereoscopic microscope and the non-hair bearing skin attached to the follicle can then trimmed of, if required. The extracted follicular unit may be transferred to the recipient site as soon as it is extracted one by one or it is kept in a holding solution that contains growth factors and wound healing properties.


This procedure does not require an incision anywhere on the scalp saving the patient from any kind of inevitable scar that used to be produced while doing older hair treatments. This technique is associated with a faster healing time and its less invasive nature makes it one of the most popular hair treatments nowadays.

The everlasting power of a follicular unit extraction has thought to provide new hopes to the patient bearing the pain of baldness and to the dedicated experts who continue their hard-work in perfecting the procedure and keep developing new and more precise tools for this popular technique.

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