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Botox Treatment - Fighting with Aging

Face is the focus of human communication and the perception of attractiveness which doesn’t escape the passage of time. Creases or lines on the face can be caused due to aging, gravity, sun exposure, smoking and from repeated muscle contractions as occurs with facial expressions (dynamic lines). These dynamic lines gradually change to static lines ingrained on the face even at rest which are regarded as a sign of aging.

Botulinum toxin or Botox as popularly known is the wonder agent that temporarily relaxes muscles of voluntary action and help prevent cutaneous signs of aging.

The effect of treatment comes in 2 weeks and last till 3-10 months depending on type of product used, units injected, site injected and individual biological variation.

Indications for its use:

  1. Most common for dynamic wrinkles: forehead lines, crow’s feet, frown (glabellar) lines, nose wrinkles (bunny nose), upper lip wrinkles, pebbly chin, neck wrinkles.
  2. For reshaping face: brow lift and shape change, masseter for jaw line and face slimming, nefertiti lift for face lift, gummy smile, widening of eyes.
  3. Hyperhidrosis: palms, soles and axillae.

If done by an experienced hand, it usually do not cause any major side effect except bruises at the injection site or temporary headache.

Botox Treatment




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