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Dr Jyoti Gupta at ISHRS 24th World Congress

We are glad to announce that Dr. Jyoti Gupta had, once again, brought glory to DermaClinix and our city Delhi. She attended the ISHRS 24th World Congress, which held in Las Vegas (USA) on Sept 28 to Oct 1, 2016.

She has shared the stage with the prominent doctors and presented her work in the field of HAIR TRANSPLANT. A complete 9 minutes (11:49 a.m. to 11:58 a.m.) discussion took place on the topic, “To study and compare the Scalp, Bearded Chest Hair in a Hair Restoration Procedure”. It...Read More»

A Few Things to Know About Female Pattern Hair Loss

Is your part widening? Is your ponytail becoming thinner these days? Are you finding a lot of hair in your comb? If yes, then pay attention to your hair! Earlier, women used to find hair loss in midlife, but nowadays, they are suffering from excessive hair fall even in the late 20s. They are approaching the best hair clinics to get a solution to their hair loss- to get an escape from the nightmare of getting bald. There are several reasons behind the hair loss, but the most significant is Female Pattern Hair...Read More»

No More Struggling with Pimples (Acne)!

Almost every second person, nowadays, is struggling with pimples and zits on the skin. Well, this is nothing but Acne. Although the people between the age of 12 and 25 are more likely to be affected by acne problem, but even people beyond than this age group can suffer from this problem. Also, it is quite surprising to know that the boys are more prone to acne than girls. The Acne usually lasts for 4-5 days before settling, but it can last for a lifetime as well! So, it is required to pay attention towards this...Read More»

Tips for healthy hair: How to use shampoo & conditioner

To get long, healthy and smooth hair, it is required to provide them proper care. But, this is not limited to the kind of hair products and treatments you go for! But, it also depends on the way you use them so as to nourish your hair. You might find it interesting that the way you shampoo and condition your hair is also important in maintaining your smooth and shiny hair! Following are some of the ‘Easy-to Use’ tips to shampoo and condition your hair given by our senior dermatologists, Dr. Kavish...Read More»

Dr.Kavish chouhan & Dr.Amrendra kumar with Gauhar Khan

The directors and co-founders of DermaClinix- Dr. Kavish Chouhan and Dr. Amrendra Kumar participated in an ALMA LASER event along with Dr. Ariganesh, Dr. Vidushi Jain and other experienced dermatologists of DermaClinix. The event was actually the launching event of ALMA Laser’s top-notch machines- Soprano Ice Platinum (uses tri-clustered diode technology for laser hair removal) and Femilift. Apart from our doctors, various other well-qualified and experienced doctors of Delhi were present in this...Read More»

Dr. Kavish Chouhan Take A Faculty Lecture in Trichology Update 2016

Dr. Kavish Chouhan was invited to take a faculty lecture on Hair transplantation in the 2nd Annual Trichology Conference- Trichology Update 2016, which was held on 4th-5th June 2016 in Mumbai. Dr. Kavish Chouhan shared the stage with other stalwarts in Trichology – Dr. Desmond Tobin (pioneering work in alopecia areata) from UK, Dr. Lidia Rudhika (a global expert in trichoscopy) from Poland and Dr. Rachita Dhurat. Here, they gathered with the motive to go a long way in boosting logical, rational and...Read More»

Facts About New Hairline After Restoration

Mostly people do not pay much attention to their natural hairline, but the reality is that the hairline frames the face- it adds charm and significant details to the looks! People realize this by the time they face hair loss which causes a change in the natural hair line. It is the time when they begin to search for different options to get their hair restored along with the achieving the hairline same like before- which is quite a daunting task. There might be many hair restoration treatments available across...Read More»

Quick Hair Loss FAQ

In the present era, people are suffering from hair loss, even in their late 20s. Although, the cause of hair loss varies from person to person, but the result is same- continuous hair fall. And the worst thing is that if you do not pay attention to this condition, give your hair proper care or go for the desired treatment- you might end up with scarring of hair and even baldness. To clear all your doubts regarding hair loss, our director cum senior dermatologist, Dr. Amrendra Kumar has shared a few useful FAQs,...Read More»

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